Foodie Range French Vanilla Latte Candle

Foodie Range French Vanilla Latte Candle

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French Vanilla Latte - vanilla fragrance decorated with ground coffee and coffee beans 

These candles are made with 100% soy wax - eco friendly and handmade in Australia. 

Travel tin - each candle is 140g of wax and are great for gifts and travel. 

Silver/Copper Bowl  - each candle is 500g of Wax - approx 60 hours burn time with a double crackling wood wick. 

Lovely strong lasting scent. 

Note from Supplier

We do an extensive amount of research and testing to ensure that our products are made from the highest quality fragrances. Our candle fragrance oils consist of many aromatic ingredients, some natural and some synthetic. Natural components are extracted from plants or flowers (such as essential oils) and synthetic components are manufactured from man-made materials. 

This will ensure quality and longevity for the end product you are purchasing and all fragrances are 100% Phthalate free. 

Only using natural ingredients (such as essential oils) is expensive and restrictive with what can be created. Essential oils are not stable, do not blend well with wax and do not give you a good scent throw. 

Occasionaly I will release candles using 100% essential oils, these are used only in massage candles where the melted wax and oil is to be used on the skin.

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