About us

Tonketti is a Bohemian inspired creative space with a quirky and eclectic range of fashion, gifts, jewellery and homewares. We have an evolving range of stock, plus our own inhouse label Honey Bunch.

Whether you are looking for a fantastic, photo beautiful outfit to wear whilst travelling the beautiful north, or have an event you have to attend, we have so many styles to choose from. Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for up to date fun fashion looks or tips.

My name is Lizzeee. I'm originally from Perth Western Australia, I grew up with the sun in my hair and the salt on my skin. I loved life at the beach and spent nearly every weekend roaming the sand or surfing the waves. This love intertwined with my love of music and bands meant that by 18 I became a travelling surfing gypsy girl, roaming the beach side towns of Australia, chasing the waves and the music! 

Now settled in the Rainforest Village of Kuranda, I discovered my passion for Mosaic and became an obsessed creative artisan, wiling hours away in my shed in the rainforest creating Mosaic Rocks that I sold at the markets! This creative flow continued to grow and my obsession with the creative became obsessive, absorbing my thoughts constantly. 

This obsession turned into Tonketti. Tonketti is a collection of all the crazy ideas and items that have crossed my paths and inspired my soul. My heart and soul is that of a hippy, I should have been born 20 years earlier but I am excited by the opportunity to relive my creative hippy self through Tonketti.

I am the mother of two beautiful boys and the partner of a beautiful man Matt. My business is a family business and a community business.

Kuranda is a crazy eclectic place, so suited to creativity and individual expression. It is also an incredibly beautiful place with a soul of its own, a place visited by many thousands of tourists every year! 

We have a shop now in the middle of Kuranda.

Our address is

Shop 2, 11 Coondoo Street Kuranda 

We are open from 10 - 3pm, 7 days a week. Except for Xmas day and Boxing day. Our website is ever  evolving and growing into an online space where we can share our goodness with people all over the world.

Please drop back and see us regularly while we grow this space.

Peace, love and light! 

Tonketti Team