Leather Care Tips and Tricks

Leather Care Tips & Tricks

Taking proper caring for your newly acquired  leather items can sometimes prove to be a worrying task, and requires a fair share of patience. 

First off, keep in mind that natural wear and tear to any leather product is bound to happen, and this ageing affect, called the 'patina,' is a beautiful part of the leather aging process. 

Different types of leather age differently, hardier and thicker cows leather can last longer than a soft suede. Choose carefully considering your lifestyle choices, if you are a rough and tumble fun type then darker coloured leathers might suit you better! 

Basic Leather Maintenance 

  • Whilst our bags are designed to carry all the items you need for a day out and about please note that overloading your bag may result in unnecessary stress on the straps and any damage there of would constitute misuse.
  • Give your leather a quick wipe down with a soft, dry cloth maybe once a week.
  • Be careful of prolonged exposure direct sunlight.
  • Conditioner specially designed for leather can be applied to keep your leather soft
  • Before use it is advisable to apply a product like Scotchgard Fabric and Scotchgard Suede. Nubuck Protectors also work well for repelling water and oil. 
  • If you are someone who gets things dirty it is advisable you stay away from lighter colour leathers! 
  • Avoid your leather rubbing against items that might transfer dye to the leather item. This could be a problem with some clothing including denim items
  • We recommend you don't put sharp objects into the bag that may cause damage to the lining or pierce the lining and damage the leather. Car keys can be sharp in some circumstances, items like these are best kept in a sturdy case or pouch. 
  • Please check over your bag thoroughly before using it, contact us if there is anything you are concerned or unsure about.

Removing Stains from Leather

  • Let water spills dry on their own. Do not blow dry them or rub too hard, it will look like it is damaged but it should dry fine without intervention!  
  • For food stains, it's best to crush a small amount of white chalk and let it sit on the stain overnight. In the morning, brush it off with a clean cloth. 
  • For oil stains, it's recommended to put cornstarch on it as soon as possible, rub it in, and immediately brush off the remaining powder with with a clean cloth. 
  • For fresh ink or dirt stains, lightly use a white eraser on the affected area. For older stains that have set in, seek professional help. Upholstery cleaners or even dry cleaners and tailors often have experience in cleaning leather.