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Leather Care Tips and Tricks

Leather Care Tips & Tricks

Taking proper caring for your newly acquired  leather items can sometimes prove to be a worrying task, and requires a fair share of patience. 

First off, keep in mind that natural wear and tear to any leather product is bound to happen, and this ageing affect, called the 'patina,' is a beautiful part of the leather aging process. 

Different types of leather age differently, hardier and thicker cows leather can last longer than a soft suede. Choose carefully considering your lifestyle choices, if you are a rough and tumble fun type then darker coloured leathers might suit you better! 

Basic Leather Maintenance 

  • Give your leather a quick wipe down with a soft, dry cloth maybe once a week.
  • Be careful of prolonged exposure direct sunlight.
  • Conditioner specially designed for leather can be applied to keep your leather soft
  • Before use it is advisable to apply a product like Scotchgard Fabric and Scotchgard Suede. Nubuck Protectors also work well for repelling water and oil. 
  • If you are someone who gets things dirty it is advisable you stay away from lighter colour leathers! 
  • Avoid your leather rubbing against items that might transfer dye to the leather item. This could be a problem with some clothing including denim items

Removing Stains from Leather

  • Let water spills dry on their own. Do not blow dry them or rub too hard, it will look like it is damaged but it should dry fine without intervention!  
  • For food stains, it's best to crush a small amount of white chalk and let it sit on the stain overnight. In the morning, brush it off with a clean cloth. 
  • For oil stains, it's recommended to put cornstarch on it as soon as possible, rub it in, and immediately brush off the remaining powder with with a clean cloth. 
  • For fresh ink or dirt stains, lightly use a white eraser on the affected area. For older stains that have set in, seek professional help. Upholstery cleaners or even dry cleaners and tailors often have experience in cleaning leather.