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    dusk pink picnic folk stainless steel drink dispenser hand painted boho style
    boho style drink dispenser picnic folk pink colour with floral design
    Drink Dispenser Dusk 5L
    picnic folk stainless steel drink dispenser hand painted boho style
    Drink Dispenser Oasis 5L
    white stainless steel drink dispenser hand painted boho style
    Drink Dispenser Blanc 5L
    picnic folk stainless steel drinkware boho hand painted folk art style
    bohemian homewares stainless steel drinkware picnic folk
    Large Bloom Tumblers
    boho homewares stainless steel kitchenware salad bowls
    picnic folk stainless steel salad bowls hand painted bohemian style
    Garland Salad Bowls
    picnic folk stainless steel bohemian kitchenware mixing bowls
    aqua stainless steel mixing bowl hand painted boho style
    Garland Mixing Bowls
    picnic folk stainless steel kitchenware breakfast bowl hand painted
    boho hand painted breakfast bowls picnic folk
    Garland Breakfast Bowls
    picnic folk bloom salad bowl hand painted floral design boho style
    boho kitchenware stainless steel salad bowl bohemian hand painted style
    Bloom Salad Bowls
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    picnic folk stainless steel mugs
    Bloom Camp Mugs
    bohemian kitchenware stainless steel hand painted floral design
    stainless steel mug hand painted picnic folk
    Garland Camp Mugs
    Banksia Medium Pet Bowl Gumdrop
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    Fluer Large Tumbler Seafoam

    Picnic Folk was born from a desire to find reusable, durable and colorful kitchen/picnic wares in a market that they felt was lacking. 

     Each of our wares are hand-painted in Kashmir by an older-generation of incredibly talented and traditional artists.The artists work from the comfort of their own homes, allowing for flexibility and having been in business for 126 years they offer multi-generational employment, keeping the traditions close to their hearts.

    Picnic Folk work closely and keep in regular contact with our suppliers in Kashmir and are proud to know that each purchase helps to preserve what is an otherwise dying art. Not to mention supporting the lives of those in a very unstable political environment.

    Gorgeous pieces that will make your kitchen bright and colourful, they are the type of items you leave on display to enjoy every day. 

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