Jackets Galore - Jaase

Jaase Jacket Stockist

Jaase has really done a great job of providing us with a lovely range of Jackets this year. We love being a stockist of so many amazing and affordable products, their styles are ever changing and always on trend.

Belmont Jacket

The Jaase Belmont Jacket has been my most popular to date with many of my customers going crazy for this lovely new style. I must admit I had to get one myself in the Raya Print which suits my colouring perfectly. There was a small issue with the band on the sleeves being a little tight on some, Jaase had noted that so I think any future makes will resolve this issue! 

Tan Sivan Jacket

Another super popular style was the Jaase Tan Sivan Jacket, wow wee it was amazing and my online customers swooped on them.

Jodi Jacket

Jaase Jodi Jacket was bought back this year, it is a great allrounder and I have been able to wear it with so many of my Indianas and other outfits. It looks really great, their black one was to die for.

Amazon Jacket

My newest favourite is the Amazon Jacket, its' nearly the end of winter up here in Far North Queensland but I am sitting here in it and it is super comfortable. I can't wait to go camping so I can wear it, looking forward to looking stylish around the campfire. So well made with zips on all the pockets, draw strings in lots of places so that you can keep the warmth in. It has a generous hoody so i could wear my hair up in a bun or have a pony tale and the hood still fits, plus I have a big head ha haa! It also has some lovely embroidered features down the arms.

Carmada Jacket

If you love the Bohemian embellished look we have the Carmada Jacket in, with a faux suede fabric, embellished embroidered section across shoulders with some light coins dangling down. My favourite part is the unusual tassles that are half dingle berries and half tassles, they are super cute.

Electric Feels Jacket

Something completely different is the Electric Feels Navy Jacket. The rich Navy colour is really something else and the embellished sleeve cuffs are super cool!.

Jaase Electric Feels JacketBelmont JacketJaase Carmada JacketJaase Amazon Jacket

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