The Gift of Giving in 2022

Humans are an incredibly social species and have a remarkable ability to form and maintain relationships with others! According to the Psychology of Gifting, we often give gifts to confirm and establish our connection with someone. It is a way to communicate our feelings and appreciation for that person. In some circumstances it can symbolise love and devotion to someone close or it can be a means of getting to know someone better.

With that in mind thoughtful gifts should generally be;

  1. Connected to the persons hobbies and interests

Here you can think about what they value and how they spend their free time. What makes them smile? If you are unsure, take a moment to consider the style of their home, or scroll through some of their social media photos. Maybe the receiver is a nature-based enthusiast who loves raw and natural gifts that mimic the natural environment for example. Here you could opt for a pretty pot plant, a nature book or an item that they can wear or use when outdoors. Whatever your gift may be, if it reflects the recipient’s likes and interest and enhances their experience with their hobbies, it will likely mean the world to them!

  1. Centre your gift around a shared memory

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gifting? The underlying denominator here, is ensuring that the gift is well-thought-out with a level of care. Something that evokes a nice memory will always be well received. For example, a candle, roll on or diffuser where the scent takes you both back to a unique time. I remember receiving a perfume that my best friend sent to me while she was travelling the world. It was a scent that we used as teenagers when we would dress up and go out together. The ‘feel good emotions’ that took hold of me when I sprayed its divine mist was a flood of happy tears! I will never forget opening that one. Recreate the experience or bring to life the memories that you had together and look forward to more in the future.

  1. Put together a gift basket that gives off ‘feel good feels’

Something special, that doesn’t necessarily have to be serious. Something that will make the receiver giggle and give them feel good feels. Think about their sense of humour, what sets them off? This can be just as important as making it a heartfelt gift.

  1. Find a unique or super-niche gift card to add

You can go completely generic, or you could again match the card with the receiver’s interest and hobbies. Tap into their sense of humour with something funny or moving. Something that will give them a sense of pleasure and familiarity.

  1. Write a heartful message with your gift

Take a moment to yourself (if possible) to think about the person. What is it that you like about them? Why do you think they are special and worthy of your gift? Let them know, with a heartfelt personalised note. Close you eyes and picture the person for a moment…this can really help!

  1. Wrap your gift with personalised wrapping paper

You have the perfect gift, you have written a heartfelt message in the super-niche gift card, now it is time to wrap it! Think about their favourite colours, what sort of patterns or prints do they like. Again, is there a wrapping paper that appeals to their interests, hobbies or even a memory that you have shared?

At the end of the day if you are stuck for ideas, a Gift Voucher will always ensure they will be gifted something that they can completely resonate with.

Many people relish in the idea of gift giving. The excitement of providing something special that will truly excite and delight them is a wonderful feeling for both parties!