Jaase Gemstone Print Carmen Maxi Dress

Jaase Gemstone Print Carmen Maxi Dress

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Jaase Gemstone Print Carmen Maxi Dress


Rehashed an oldie but a goodie here, we have become quite fussy with our prints here at Tonketti and only order the goodies that we really love

now. This one doesn't disappoint already proven to be a good seller. 

Seems to work well with larger chest sizes, if you struggle with the Indiana style in the chest area you are more likely to fit a Carmen

IT HAS POCKETS - Yes you heard right there are two awesome pockets in this dress and I know you love them

Short sleeves and they are cute little cap sleeves.

Flap of fabric behind the elastic loops so if the buttons pull apart you don't see skin!

The Cons

Low plunging neckline which looks fantastic but can be a challenge for some, the solution is to wear a nice cami or similar underneath and problem solved

Elastic button loops can pull apart at waist area although there is now a flap of fabric behind so if it does you can't see through to skin

The dress is long and can tend to be a little bit longer at the sides but isn't the same as the Indiana which is cut on a circle. Have a good look at the photo's so you can see what I mean!

Beware if you have a Carmen already from last year, Jaase have changed the cut of these, thus meaning they are more true to size.!

Please feel free to message me to ask about the dress! 

A truely beautiful dress, be quick as these do not stay around for long! 

- 100% Rayon, 

Model wears size XS 174cm tall



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