Easy Rider Suede and Leather Bag

Easy Rider Suede and Leather Bag

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 This gorgeous Leather and Suede Shoulder bag made from unique pieces of leather to create a beautiful artistic leather masterpiece. We also have one with Turquoise colourings.

I worked with our leather designer to come up with these bags for Tonketti. 

Beautiful soft black suede on the front with carved leather mandala design. 

The back of the bag has durable leather minus the suede as we felt it was best to just use the Suede as feature.

Happy to take more photos of the bag. We have two of them that are made very similar but they are not exactly the same. Happy to send through photos of the exact bag you will be receiving if you are interested.

Magnetic Button enclosure at top

Jasper stone insert in the middle

Inner Pocket

Adjustable Strap


30cm H (approximate) 

28cm W (approximate)

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