Aztec Talisman Sterling Silver Larimar Pendant

Aztec Talisman Sterling Silver Larimar Pendant


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Beautiful Aztec Talisman Sterling Silver Larimar Pendant with a divine chain. 92.5 Sterling Silver with a huge piece of Larimar in the centre. The Larimar is dotted with natural ore deposits which are more obvious in the photo of the back!

Amazing Sterling Silver Handcrafted Chain, this is a unique piece that will never date.

Measures 70mm from top of hanger to bottom.

Chain is 55cm long

Larimar is thought to be connected with the throat chakra, which is the chakra of communication (and usually characterized with a bright blue or turquoise colour).

It makes it much easier to communicate about issues of both emotion and fear, and promote confidence in speaking about these issues.

Larimar is extremely effective when worn as jewellery, especially as a necklace, due to its connection with the throat chakra.

However, due to larimar’s photosensitive nature, wearing it as jewellery can damage it relatively quickly, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

If you are wearing a larimar pendant, tuck it under your shirt when you are in the sunlight whenever possible to help it preserve its bright blue colour.

There is only one of these beautiful pieces.

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