The Hippies or Hippy's of Kuranda

Stay tuned as I put together some information for you on the Hippies Hippy invasion of Kuranda in the late 60's and early 70's. This story is interesting as it unfolds and I look forward to slowly adding information as I find out more about it!

In the late 1960s Kuranda was the place to be spectacular scenery, a wonderful climate, cheap living, grow your own food, do your own thing. So called “hippy” communes flourished for a few years. In the 1970s new settlers arrived; musicians and people with artistic talents and imagination pursuing an alternative lifestyle.

Their unusual hand-built houses of bricks and timber were inspired by this unique place. Open-air market stalls sold locally grown produce and an abundance of hand made wares. Buskers and fortune-tellers entertained the crowds. The community prospered. The population grew fast with the improved road allowing commuters to work in Cairns and live in the clean atmosphere of Kuranda.