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Liz Tonkin

Posted on April 22 2018

Jaase is a beautiful feminine range of clothing, epitomizing the bohemian goddess but in an affordable and fashionable way. The quality is excellent with an ever changing range of colours, prints and styles that keeps it fresh.

Certain styles like the Endless Summer and Indiana have been enduring due to their suitability to a range of body types. Any woman who buys and wears these two styles finds they are constantly showered in compliments and questions as to where they bought their dresses.

The biggest misconception about these styles of Jaase is that they are so beautiful that they could only be worn to special occasions like weddings or a special party or dinner.

Nothing could be more untrue as I find myself and see many girls and ladies wheeling trolleys around in these gorgeous dresses as they are so comfortable and flattering, you just can throw them on effortlessly and behave normally!

It is in the big cities that these dresses best show off their beauty as the mundane drabness of city life expresses itself in the throng of people. Strutting through a crowd in a Jaase, just proves that these dresses are something special as you receive sidelong glances. 

Whilst I love the beautiful style of many other bohemians brands, the cost factor makes these brands unaffordable for many women. Many report that they own these more expensive brands and they can see no difference in quality and concede that Jaase is far more bang for your buck.

Jaase also constantly releases weekly new styles and prints. The Carmen dress has proven very popular with woman with larger bust sizes. The main challenge with this dress is the low plunging neckline which can look fabulous if you have a beautiful bust that should be shown off. If you are not so comfortable with a plunging neckline a carefully chosen bustier, bandeau top or in the colder climates a singlet or petticoat underneath can give that coverage that you may desire! The Carmen is also ideal for breast feeding mums as they are easily unbuttoned.

Shorter styles include the Jess Dress, this dress is great for covering up the midriff area, more of a smock style with a lovely lace detailing around the neckline and  a small frill across the bottom! Whilst some customers think the dress looks like it should be more suited for a younger girl I also find that women of an older demographic can look equally fantastic in it and if you live in a more Mediterranean climate then the use of singlets or bandeaus underneath give coverage where the lace detailing is a little see through!

We also have the Bel Air dress. This is a shorter off the shoulder dress with lovely sleeves. We find this style works well for a range of body shapes, we'd probably recommend you size down if you are closer to the smaller size! The large has been a popular size in this range! 

Now the Faith Dress are a great allrounder. They are nearly knee length on lots of people, have sleeves and more modest in chest area. There is a drawstring at the waist . They look lovely on and suit a range of ages!

 Shorter statures are often complaining about many of the Jaase dresses are too long for them. Whilst this is definitely true in some case there are plenty of styles that are very much suited to those girls. The Heidi dress is a classic example of a dress that suits theses ladies. The empire waist style can work well with larger smaller to larger busts and can hide those post dinner bellies making them a great every day comfort dress! The tiers of the dress give design and distraction making this empire style a winner!

One of the things that annoys me the most in my experience in my shop is when women in their 40’s/50 and older coming in wishing and dreaming that they were younger and could wear these styles! Whilst there are certainly some styles that are probably more suited to youthful folk due to plunging and figure hugging cuts there are just so many that are very much suited to all ages. All it takes is a little imagination and some consideration of what to wear underneath the outfit if there are limitations. Petticoats are a useful undergarment and have come a long way.

Looking beautiful is so affordable and easy with Jaase. Stay with us on our journey to prove this to you. My experience from working in the shop and dealing with women of all shapes and sizes helps me to give you the feedback you might need to make an informed decision!

FABRIC CARE : Most of Jaase ( not all ) is made from a quality Rayon. This fabric should be cold washed by hand or delicate wash ( in good quality washing machine). Then line dry the item! A little bit of care goes a long way towards keeping your new item looking amazing! 

For those that don't know, Rayon is actually as cool as cotton and is super smooth and soft to wear. The Rayon from years gone by has now progressed into a quality fabric that is durable and long lasting, provided you follow wash instructions! Many designers prefer Rayon now as its drapes better and prints better than cottons and other fabrics! 




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