Himalayan Journey|Makers of Ethical Handmade Non Toxic Felt Toys for Children

Liz Tonkin

Posted on September 24 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Himalayan Journey for many years now. They have a fabulous product that I have great pleasure in selling to the environmentally conscious families who are looking for handmade unique non toxic organic toys to give to their loved ones.

As each felt item is handmade and therefore unique; no two items are the same, colour combinations will differ. They are generally the same though so no need to worry you will be super happy with your choice.

Himalayan Journey is a colorful and creative company, bringing hand made felt products that have been crafted by local Nepalese woman. Supporting them working in a fair trade practices environment. 

Himalayan products are non toxic, 100% Natural being made from 100% Australian wool, and they are such a great product for kids!

Himalayan Journey is helping to support local Himalayan community by empowering them through employment.

Himalayan Felt Care Instructions for your Felt Rainbow Teepee:

If you find some of your felt a bit out of shape after transportation, this is very normal and no need to worry! Felt is a wonderful product that can be moulded back into shape, just use your hands and give it a bend, twist and a bit of a massage and it will be back to normal shape in no time at all.

Also please remember that this is a100% handmade product so they are all going to be a bit individual which makes them more gorgeous.

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